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Pike lures

Pike lures

Hunting down the Northern Pike is an addictive and exciting activity. These fish like to play more rough games that elude a fisherman’s best judgment. Stocking your box with a variety of tools and the best pike lures will lead you on a path of successful catches.

A fishing lure is the best alternative to live bait. Here is why getting one from Mother Nature Lures will boost your expeditions.

Benefits of using lures:

  • You can catch fish at a much farther distance
  • It is less messy to use lures than to use live bait
  • Lures are great for catching and releasing fish back to the water because the hook is less likely to grip the entire fish
  • Lures allow one to target a specific type of fish, such as the Northern Pike
  • Lures have a secure mechanism of operation that will enable one to switch them in between the fishing task 

Fish lures can be your best fishing tool when you use them properly. It is, however, prudent for one to remember that they are pricier than baits and tend to snag on plants and rocks in underwater structures. Lures also require you to continually move them for you to attract fish and are not as effective as baits in cold waters.

Northern pike is among the top predators and therefore requires one to employ fast action and a sharp mind. The following rundown is an excellent synopsis of how you can use lures to improve your fishing.

Find grass

Northern Pike enjoys making their homes around aquatic vegetation. The elongated shape of the mouth makes them useful at catching all types of fish in dense water plantations. It is easy to pick a more significant number of Pikes when you concentrate your fishing around pad fields, weed lines, rice beds, and reeds.


Pike fish are more aggressive than most other breeds. It is, therefore, impossible to make a good harvest by scouting one spot in a slow-moving boat. Keep the trolling motor high and use baits and pike lures to bring in active fish. Try to find areas with similarities if you want to make a series of catches throughout the trip.

Use colors

Pike pay closer attention to bright colors. Using colors like bright orange, white, and chartreuse is one way of ensuring they respond well to your trap. 

You can use crystal bright lures in murky or muddy waters because the light that shines through the body will make it highly visible. Clearer waters allow the use of a broader range of colors, such as a dark blue color that imitates a salamander.

Choose the right tackle

Pike can grow to be extremely large. This means that your chosen lure should have a rod, line, or reel that is strong enough to perform the task. Purchase a few of the medium-heavy to heavy-duty pike lures from Mother Nature Lures because they will serve your purpose for an extended duration.

Choose the right season

Pikes usually back down from their usual highly energetic activities to begin their spawning season. You will have less luck dragging the lure in more active waters than you will on still waters.

Pike lures
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