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Gun Stores Orange County

Gun Stores Orange County

Because guns have a strong connotation of violence, there are basic rules every gun store visitor should follow. Being egoistic often leads to a raised eyebrow or even results to hostilities inside the shop, something that can be avoided by observing proper etiquette.

There are many gun stores in Orange County and every one of them follows a standard set of guidelines for safety. If it is your first time to visit a gun shop it is important to understand the rules beforehand and put them to heart.

It is also important to remember that store attendants deal with many prospective buyers everyday and following these unwritten rules warrants a safe, smooth, and polite negotiation. Here are some of the most important of the basic guidelines everyone should follow inside gun stores in Orange County.

Never Check Several Guns at the Same Time

Getting your handgun can be exciting and the most common mistake gun shop visitors do is to check multiple guns at the same time. While it can be good to compare them for variation and to help you make the best decision, it is not appropriate to have one attendant hand you several firearms at the same time.

The main reason for not allowing people to inspect several guns at the same time in gun stores in Orange County is obviously for safety reasons. Anyone can sneak out with an unnoticed firearm and it can be used for crimes. Attendants will generally give you one gun to inspect but never several of them at once. So when visiting gun stores in Orange County, never ask for multiple guns and compare them side by side.

Do Not Aim the Gun You are Holding at Anything or Anyone

Also, remember never to point the firearm at anyone or anything inside the store unless you intend to destroy it. The Rules of Gun Safety dictates to consider a gun as always loaded and something that applies in gun stores in Orange County or anywhere else.

Dry-firing or trying to test the trigger without asking permission from the store attendant is also one of the most common mistakes gun shop visitors do. If you happen to be interested in a particular gun, always have it inspected by the shop crew and examine it yourself before testing the trigger. Safety is of utmost importance inside a gun shop considering that the establishment deals with deadly weapons.

Never Forget to Bring Your CCW (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) License

Gun possession and sale is strictly enforced in the state of California and non-residents cannot apply for a CCW license. The state also does not recognize CCW from other states although there are preemptions to some laws, but not many.

A CCW is always required before you can hold a gun inside gun shops in Orange County. Always make sure to have it with you as the shop attendant would be asking it from you. Present your CCW at the counter so you would be able to inspect the firearm you like without any problem.

Gun Stores Orange County
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