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Double Alpha Canada

Double Alpha Canada

Double-Alpha Academy is one of the most popular manufacturers of firearm equipment in North America. It has developed a loyal following, despite having a markedly smaller team than many big-name brands. This it has done through the expertise of its staff and the high-quality of its products. At Rangeview Sports, we are proud to be one of the top suppliers of Double-Alpha in Canada.

About Double-Alpha Academy

Much like Rangeview Sports, Double-Alpha Academy was founded by a small team of dedicated firearm enthusiasts. As passionate shooters themselves, the DAA team has long known what fellow gun owners want from their equipment. This has allowed them to manufacture innovative pieces of gear that effectively tackle the problems common complaints of sports and hunting shooters. By righting the wrongs of many rival gun accessories, Double-Alpha's products beautifully complement firearms for the most intuitive shooting experience possible. With this in mind, it should come as no surprise that Double-Arm Academy now boasts more than a decade and a half in business. During this time, it has expanded into international markets and developed partnerships with some of the most renowned names in the industry. These include Competitive Edge Dynamics and RAK Systems.

Double-Alpha Academy remains on the forefront of innovation, both in partnership and when producing independently. At Rangeview Sports, it is our pleasure to be one of several entities partnered with Double-Alpha Academy. We work closely with the DAA team to provide the brand's products to the people of Newmarket, Ontario. Meanwhile, our online store and nationwide delivery make Double-Alpha Academy a possibility for firearm enthusiasts throughout Canada.

Double-Alpha Academy At Rangeview Sports

No matter where you live in Canada, Rangeview Sports should be your go-to gun store for Double-Alpha Academy products. We offer the largest selection of DAA equipment in the country. Our extensive DAA range can be viewed both in-store and online. Among our most popular DAA products is the PDR PRO-II. The Double-Alpha Academy PDR PRO-II is a Kydex holster. The second in the brand's PDR PRO series, it builds on the sturdy foundation laid by its predecessor. Upgrades present on the PDR PRO-II include an aluminum rail, as well as simplified height adjustment and virtual lock-up. Meanwhile, the holster's low-profile inner flap allows for what the manufacturer describes as “a more complete in-the-holster shooting-grip”. The PDR PRO-II is just one of many quality Double-Alpha products we stock here at Rangeview Sports. Firearm enthusiasts can expect to find all of the brand's most popular offerings lining our physical and virtual shelves. 

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Double-Alpha Academy is changing the firearm industry. Its products are among the most innovative on the market. They allow shooters to achieve heightened precision and control regardless of their skill level. At Rangeview Sports, we believe the firearm industry must constantly evolve in order to survive. That's why we're so honored to be one of the primary carriers of Double-Alpha in Canada. Our extensive catalog and affordable prices allow gun owners all over the nation to complement every gun in their arsenal with Double-Alpha Academy's internationally-renowned products.

Double Alpha Canada
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