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Boat Share

Boat Share For easy and hassle-free Boat Share, join the Freedom Boat Club. We have a fleet of boats waiting for you in one of our more than 75 franchises in the United States. Find out how to become a member by visiting our website or one of our locations nearest you today.  

Are you looking to join a boating club that has Boat Sharing? There are many factors to consider when choosing exactly which club to join such. One of the most important things to look at is the quality of the fleet. You also want to see how the club treats its members. Finally, you want to see how many locations they have. 
You cannot go wrong with Boat Share Freedom Boat Club. As the largest member’s only boating club, we provide a superior fleet and a lot of membership perks that you won’t find in others. Our aim is for you to enjoy the boating lifestyle without the all the responsibilities and costs of boat ownership and maintenance. All you have to do is head to the docks, get on one of our luxurious boats, and enjoy the sea. You never have to worry about repainting the bottom or waxing the hull.
The freedom to go boating without the stress—that’s what Freedom Boat Club is all about. We are able to offer our members all the perks of boating for a fraction of the cost. What’s more, we offer Boat Share. Members are free to include their family, guests, friends, and even their pets on board any of the boats on our fleet. Choose from our excellent membership packages. You will surely find one that suits your requirements. If you need any help, you may contact us at 888.781.7363.
Boat Share
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