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Reign Swimwear is an unconventional approach on swimwear today. More than the standard triangle bikini top and low rise bottoms, we are firm believers that creativity is best expressed with no boundaries. Through innovative use of everyday trimmings and opulent fabrics, each design reflects the influence of femininity, confidence & love for all things art.

Reign Swimwear is a fresh face on the swimwear scene, based out of Los Angeles, CA. The Designer and Creative Director began a career in making custom gowns and ready-to-wear garments clearly reflected in the structure and styles of our swimwear, by use of trimmings that are typically used in the design of women’s clothing. It was her love for travel, water, health and fashion which lead her to realize there was a way to combine all things that bring happiness. The 2019 SS collection is a reflection of her transition from women’s clothing to swimwear. It is our goal to lead by example, to create swimwear that defies societal norms.

Whether you prefer a more modest approach to swimwear or confidently embrace the bare minimal stay tuned, we’ve got you covered! At Reign Swimwear there is no right or wrong, only choice.


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